Who Decides War SS Collection July - September 2020

Who Decides War created by Everad Best and Tela D'Amore came to Storytellers and Creators with the intent of bringing their Spring/Summer men and women collection to fruition. The inspiration behind the project originated from the Bible, Kings 19:11-13. With the sketches and reference images in hand, the team began production on the project managed by the lead Fashion Designer Arturo Castaneda.
 Sketches created by Everad Best and Tela D'Amore 
Production started in late July 2020. The team worked together and efficiently to complete the project before September 13th, 2020. In time for New York Fashion Week.
The turnaround time was in 4 weeks. The complete collection was ready to debut on the big stage, New York Fashion Week.
Below are photographs and a short film created for the collection. 

Men's Collection 

Photography by Austin Quinn 

 Women's Wear Collection

Photography by Austin Quinn 

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